2014 3D Reel

David Giordano 2014 Reel from David G on Vimeo.

BluewaterTech Projection Mapping from PIXELFIRE on Vimeo.

2014 Reel Credits by Time:

00:09 - 00:21 Tinertia
Section Studios and Candescent Games: models, animation, code, level design
David Giordano: Level Construction, background layout (00:09 - 00:13), model and textured slime for sewer level, background and level construction (00:13 - 00:17), modeled and textured entrance to boss level (00:17 - 00:21)

00:22 - 00:33 Soundcast Melody
David Giordano: Modeling, Texturing
Austin Hyde: Shading, Animation, Lighting
Cody Burkhardt: Production, Editing

00:33 - 00:42 Pixelfire Productions
David Giordano: Concept, Modeling, Texturing
Jacob Behunin: Shading, Lighting, Animation

Bluewater Tech Projection Mapping Credits:

Steve Bumstead - Producer
Marvin Sanders - Creative Director
David Giordano - Concept Art, 3D Modeling and Texturing
Jacob Behunin - 3D Animation, Lead Animator
Corey Macourek - Motion Designer
Ryhan Resleff - Motion Designer
Andy Seery - Motion Designer
7th Sense - Projection Mapping