Futuristic well that includes a 3.5 Kiloliter storage tank. Modeled in Maya and textured in Xnormal and Substance Painter.
 Well contains standalone pumping system, Mirage-Net antennae and storage tank. Suitable for multiple climates.
 Airlock model based on James Cameron's  Aliens . Modeled in Maya, textured with Photoshop and Xnormal. Rendered in Vray.
 Art deco clock, original product design by Paul Frankl. Modeled in Maya, textured in Xnormal, DDO and Photoshop.
 'The Astronomer's House', a low-poly diorama. Total tri count of 8,376. Hand painted textures. House modeled in quarters for optimization.
 Scene overview of an environment I made with Alexandra Quinby on an unannounced project at Reverge Studios. Most of the assets were made in Zbrush and Maya, and textured in 3DCoat.
 Close up of the environment scene. Character models designed by Alexandra Quinby and animated by Kim Liboro.
 Luger P08. Modeled in Maya, textured with Xnormal, Photoshop and Ddo. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.
 Entrance to Tendrill boss level in Tinertia for Section Studios and Candescent Games. Concept art by Cecil Kim. I modeled and textured the entrance, and used some assets provided by Section like the platforms and tiling rock texture. The skybox and background assets all created by Section Studios.
 More of the level visible with the boss entrance I modeled. Concept art, background art and level deisgn by the artists and designers at Section Studios and Candescent.
 Rune stone environment props. Models created in Maya and Zbrush. Texturing with Xnormal and Photoshop.
 Experimenting with trim textures in UE4. Textured with Ddo.
 Chandelier model made in Maya. Textured with Photoshop and Xnormal, rendered in Vray.
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